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As Principal Designer and Creative Director at 1 Se7en 2 Interior, I lead a proficient team of designers and trades. Collectively, we approach each project with a commitment to excellence, channeling a blend of expertise and innovative design perspectives. Our primary focus is cultivating a collaborative environment that seamlessly aligns with the distinct visions of our clients. We actively seek individuals who share our commitment to professionalism, authenticity, and transparent communication, recognizing that these qualities form the bedrock of successful partnerships.


Based on our 2024 confirmed project schedule and current market trends, we are adopting a more intentional and selective approach to ensure we aim to align with projects that closely match our expertise. At this time, we are actively accepting inquiries for projects within the following scope: 

• Large scale renovations 

• Custom or spec new builds in UAE

• Interior furnishing projects of at least 3 spaces, with little to no existing furniture.


• A minimum project budget of 100,000 AED / USD 27,248  (excluding Professional Service Fee).


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Please upload pictures of the spaces currently in your home. (If you encounter issues with attaching photos, please email them directly to

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Thanks for submitting, we will contact you ASAP!

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