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WHAT IS 172?

1 Se7en 2 - to US

In the heart of 1 Se7en 2 Interior lies a name that transcends a mere numerical address—it encapsulates the essence, memories, and the very core of what makes a house a home for us. Inspired by a place that resonates with warmth, laughter, and the bonds of connection, the name "172" carries a story woven with nostalgia into every design. It's a homage to our grandparents' house, where cherished memories were made, and the spirit of family thrived. Just as their home was a sanctuary of love and togetherness, our designs aim to evoke that sense of comfort and belonging.
Picture the swing, the library, and the amalgamation of four house blocks into one bespoke home. These weren't just architectural elements; they were invitations to comfort and emotional connection. Each piece of furniture strategically placed for individuality, the wooden trellis work, the tiled roof, and the wall of photographs—all became brushstrokes in a painting that illustrated the essence of a home to us.
Not only is
1 Se7en 2 our firm's name, but it is also our Brand;

1 Se7en 2 - for YOU

1 Se7en 2

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1 Se7en 2 lives within us, both personally and professionally. When this firm began, we designed in all styles; there wasn’t any tangible anchoring point between the projects; we felt it, but it was something we couldn’t put our finger on. Then as things evolved, we found ourselves constantly leading our design team back to a few very distinct combinations,  of muted colour, endless texture but most importantly was to breath our clients version of “HOME” into the space. It wasn’t long after that we started noticing how our ‘style’ had legs of its own, nothing distinctly visible but a common sentimental thread amongst all our clients. So when you step into a space crafted by 1 Se7en 2 Interior, you aren't just entering a house; you’re stepping into a sanctuary, your sanctuary, an embodiment of what make a house a home for you.


Welcome to 1 Se7en 2 Interior, where every design tells a story of belonging.


What began as a learning experience focused on our very own home renovation has grown into a design firm focused on new builds, large-scale renovations, and interior furnishings. Over time, we’ve refined our style to morph into our clients' style of living—muted colors, endless texture, and inspiration from our diverse surroundings.

We’re proud of our timeless style, quality, and obsession with the details. We have a contagious energy and passion for original design. We prioritize a collaborative approach that harmonizes vision, process, and our deep love for design.


Principal Designer + Creative Director

Rhonda Fernandez, the driving creative force behind 1 Se7en 2 Interior - a Design Firm and Online Retail Shop, embarked on an unconventional journey into the realm of interior design. Despite navigating the corporate landscape for 16 years, spanning diverse sectors from Consumer Electronics and O&G to Medical Device manufacturers, her true passion for design was ignited through personal experimentation with her home in 2018. Although her initial foray into interior design lay dormant for a time, 2021 marked a pivotal turning point with her first full-scale project – a show villa project, catalyzing a cascade of subsequent projects. This momentum culminated in establishing 1 Se7en 2 Interior in 2022, prompting Rhonda's definitive decision to transition into a full-time career in mid-2023.
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